Guitar Lessons

Starting A Guitar Teaching Business

If you have mastered your guitar, then why not impart that knowledge? And earn some money in the process? If you think you can play the guitar well then why don’t you consider giving guitar lessons? This is an easy business to start and you consider yourself your own boss. You manage your own time and are more flexible about how much time you want to utilize teaching.

What You Need To Be A Guitar Teacher

A degree is not required, as long as you posses the knowledge of playing the guitar and is willing to impart knowledge then this business is for you. Mastery of the instrument but teaching it is another aspect; you have to have a great amount of patience to teach a beginner, or someone who have never touched a guitar in their lives. You have to consider that you are might encounter different personalities that could affect the process and pace that an individual learns the skills you are trying to teach.

Starting out and finding your first clients maybe difficult, but this could easily be remedied by an agency who could book you some clients and be the one responsible in keeping you with students. Some would ask for a percentage of the payment, and this would solely depend on your negotiations, it could be 80%-20% split, or even a 70%-30%. Always consider how much you need from the earnings you make and the amount you are willing to give the agency for the help they give you.

Experience is a good point in your resume; you should consider playing a guitar as a passion, in a way that imparting this knowledge would be enjoyable for you, even if you are having a hard time teaching. What would fuel you to teach is your love for music, to hear it played right and to have someone else know how to weave a good tune.

Growing Your Guitar Teaching Business Over Time

After taking in your first lessons, start promoting your services. Have a sharp resume ready to entice customers. Leave business cards and flyers in music stores and shops. Have your lessons planned out and scheduled ahead of time thus giving you an organized teaching flow. Give your students tasks that they could practice home, and then give them advice and criticisms on their work. Repetition is one of the best methods in teaching guitar. Don’t get impatient and understand the situation your students are in, their different personalities and varied ways they deal with situations.

Ladderize your lessons, this way there are levels in which they could progress in to. You could put up a beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons. This way you could focus on basics and corrections and difficulty of pieces depending on their level. Make sure that results are visible and clear, what makes parents happy are seeing the results of the money they pay you. This way you are also keeping the welfare of your customers.

When you have established a good base of customers, you could start going independent, and expanding your business. Start hiring capable musicians who can play the guitar, and even try to introduce different other instruments with other instructors. Collaboration with other instructors might also be a good opportunity to build up a school of music.

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